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Jun 13, 2014 at 01:52 AM

Need help in couple of questions in SAP


1) Hello All,

plePlease find my below questions in SAP, which need your help.


n 1 1)can we have the manufacturing date populated in the quant instead of GR date. we are exploring this options to unable the FIFO logic to work fine

2) 2) Can we have the quant created in TR , when we do the C011N. I know that quant gets created when the TO is created.

3) 3) Does std SAP, allow the GR date getting populated in quant, when moving from one storage location to another.

4) 4) Does std SAP, permits the stock move from one bin to another in LT01 along with the stock type together.

1) 5) How to find the menu path in SAP, if you are not sure for a particular T-code in SAP

6) Does Std SAP allow for moving the material from storage location to another in SAP WM for a same plant. I know, it works fine in IM by using the T-Code like MB1B with movt type 311 and MIGO_TR.