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Jun 12, 2014 at 04:48 PM

Freight(%) calculation problem in GRN when using Batch specific UoM


Dear All,

I Have an issue in calculating freight values at the time GRN when using Batch specific UOM,

My client process is explained below

In PO Purchasing UOM is "SET" and Order price unit is "NO" (Base UOM) and i maintained conversions in material master as 1SET=100NO but it is not fix it will change dynamically GR to GR.

1. In PO mentioned Qty as 10SET and price 150INR/1NO so my PO Gross value showing as 150000 INR

freight 5% = 7500 INR

CST 2%(NorCr) = 3000 INR

2. Doing GR for 10SET and for SKU 1250NO (As per batch specific UOM) and after saving document system posting Entries as

Inventory -------- 198750 INR

GR/IR-------------- 191250 INR

Freight------------ 7500 INR But it should be 9375 INR (GR Qty125NO*150 INR=187500 INR and freight 5% on this vale) this Value coming wrong please give me any solution.