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Jun 12, 2014 at 01:15 PM

Repair Procedure - Partial delivery.


Hi, SAP Experts.

In our company we have in-house repair scenario with following steps:

Customer send us for example 10 pieces of faulty equipments;

Sales order with repair procedure is created;

Inbound delivery is done and 10 serviceable material is posted into stock;

In repair procedure of sales order, business decision is made in order to start repair, a service order is created automatically as a result.

At this moment the repair status shows 10 pieces received and 10 under repair.

Now is the point where i would ask for your valuable help.

Lets say that repair of faulty equipment is in process and we already have 5 equipments fixed and ready to be delivered back to customer. What is the best way to do it ?, what we are doing currently in:

1. Keep service order open as we still have a repair taking place;

2. In sales order, we create a new line in repair procedure indicating Outbound of 5 pieces, as a result a new item is created in order to process the delivery.

The problem of doing this way is that the information regarding quantities will not reflect the reality since 'under repair' quantity will have 10 pieces since service order is still open.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome.