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Jun 12, 2014 at 01:03 PM

ICR - Importing File for process 003 + 001


Hello sap colleagues,

We have an issue with ICR and I hope someone can give me a hand with it.

We have included process 001 into process 003.

Now we are working in the definition of the file structure so that companies from outside the reconciliation system can send us their documents.

According to what we have read so far, we understand that if ATYPE is C, the account will go to the field RCUST and if ATYPE is V it will go to the field RVEND.

Our problem is, What do we do with the GL Accounts Open Items coming from process 001? Which account type shall we use so that when we import the file the system knows is a GL Account and not a Vendor or a Customer?

We have tried to leave it blank and it doesn't do anything.

We have also tried to enter ATYPE = G and it doesn't do anything either (er read this in a SAP Note).

We saw another post where it says the GL Accounts go to the field RCUST but it doesn't work.

Also, does field HKONT or RACCT has to be added to the ICR tables for Process 003?

Coudl anyone please tell me how to do it? We a bit desperate to make it work...

Any help will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance