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Jun 12, 2014 at 12:25 PM

need saperate account entries for amount in accounting entries in billing


Dear Experts,

I am a SD consultant , i am having a below requirement that FICO consultant want separate entries . please give me some solution for the below issue.

I configured new pricing procedure in my test client , for 3 condition i mapped Accrual key in my pricing . fico consultant has mapped GL account numbers in VKOA settings , in my test client if you see the entries which is released for accounts and entries is coming separately as the below screen shot

Here account key 40 30001101 two entries is coming 12 and 187.72 and for the same posting key 50 and account 16011101 entries is coming like12 and 187.72 and 0.50

where as in my Development client the entries is adding and it is showing cumulative value . as per the below screen shot

for posting key 40 and account is 30001101 domestic sales pallets entries has to come like separate 187+5 and

for posting keys 50 account is 16011101 FRG payable ELL ACCT entries has to come separate like 187+5+.50

thanks in advance .


C.B Reddy


Dev client.PNG (42.5 kB)
140 client.PNG (55.9 kB)