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Jun 12, 2014 at 10:24 AM

Reporting Sign Not Working As expected in Saved AO Workbook.



We are facing this strange issue in one of our saved AO Workbook in AO 1.4.0 and 1.4.7

As shown below reverse sign has been maintained for the accounts 12590000 and 13710000 in the backend.

When we opened the saved workbook and refresh it, we can see for the account 81011121 the result value is 1828.46 as shown below

When we expand account 81011121 hierarchy (by clicking on + sign) the result changes to 1849.03 as shown below

Ideally, the calculation should be like 81011121= 81011122 – 12590000 + 13700000 - 13710000 (i.e.) =1394.02 -10.28 + 444.73 – 0.00 = 1828.46

But here it is being shown as 81011122 + 12590000 + 13700000 – 13710000 = 1849.03 and the reverse sign is not being considered for account 12590000.

This is happening only for a particular workbook. We have several instances of the same workbook and they are working fine.

We logged a ticket with SAP and they have concluded that this issue might have occurred due to corrupted .xml (As analysis for office internally saves data in .xml) but they couldn't point out the exact reason that might have caused the xml to get corrupt. Workbook has been saved in .xlsm format.

We have got the solution for this issue, it works fine when we re-insert the query and re-create the same navigation state. But we want to know the Root cause which may have led to the corruption of xml.

Please guide us in finding the root cause for this.


Satya Rajesh


Reverse sign.jpg (37.6 kB)
RESULT 1.jpg (17.4 kB)
result 2.jpg (28.7 kB)