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Jun 12, 2014 at 09:49 AM

Prevent re-scheduling of production orders in APO


Dear APO Gurus,

We create SNP planned orders in APO, and convert them to production orders in ECC. The production orders are scheduled in external detailed

scheduling system. After the rescheduling, the order dates do not match in ECC and APO.The production orders are rescheduled in APO, and it changes

the dates. Our requirement is once order is scheduled or operations dispatched to work centers in ECC, then APO should not reschedule the orders and dates should be same. Any idea how to achieve this?

I already contacted SAP, and according to them APO is the scheduling leading system so if you change order dates in ECC then dates will not be taken over in standard 1:1 due to the fact APO is scheduling the order. SAP suggests to re-transfer the order dates determined in APO after re-scheduling to ECC (in SAP note 684356). This is not acceptable as we will loose the scheduling of orders done by scheduling system in ECC.

Is there any way to prevent that APO do not reschedule the production orders, and accepts the dates from ECC.

Kind regards,