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Jun 12, 2014 at 08:33 AM

Reg : Clearing Screen Text Field


Hi Team ,

In the above image , When ever the Customer Agreed Date is changed , Code group and Code field becomes enabled and what ever the previous value which were there initially will get cleared.

Now The field beside the Code shows the Description(Text) of the code.

The issue is that field is not getting cleared.

I am clearing , and while debugging the variable that is passing the description value to this screen field don't have any value after clearing.But still in the screen its the cleared value are not reflecting.

There is an error message which is written immediately after the clear statement.

The problem happens only while clearing.

Instead if i pass another value then no issue its displaying that new value.

So how to clear the text from screen field.I thing its some thing buffering issue.

Please suggest me some idea to achieve this.




sample.PNG (6.2 kB)