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Jun 12, 2014 at 08:43 AM

Incorrect Leave Request details opens on selecting Workitem from UWL



This is regarding the leave requests that Users receive in their UWL.
If a manager has multiple workitems in his UWL, on clicking the workitem it always opens the details of same leave request that user has received at last.
We tried clearing the UWL cache but it did not help.

However,once the popup is open,User is able to click on "Next" button to open the correct leave request on popup.

Additionally, once user has clicked on APPROVE/NEXT button, system takes approximately 30 seconds to execute the task.
This slowness along with mixup of workitems is creating issues for our users.

System information: ERP: ECC 6.0 SAPKB73106 , SAP EP: NW 7.0 ,UWLJWF: 7.00 SP28, SAP ESS EHP5 WDA

I would appreciate if anyone can provide suggestions regarding the same.