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Nov 29, 2005 at 03:58 PM

regarding inserting fields in screen ..



I am trying to create a screen using SE51 and would like to have two I/O fields with similar properties of a database table field. I would like to have two such fields designated as low and high ...

for e.g. BKPF-BURKS-LOW and BKPF-BURKS-HIGH so that user can enter the lower and higher value range..

I inserted BKPF-BURKS from dictionary/program fields option in the screen painter. Then I renamed it to BKPF-BURKS-LOW. Now I am not able to insert again the same field from the same table as it is disabled !!

How can I achieve this ?? Do I have any copy screen element option anywhere ??

Hope I am clear !!

And to add let me know if I am write that I can get the data entered by the user in these fields, in my ABAP program by referring to the fields directly as BKPF-BURKS-LOW ???

its basically a dialog module program that i am creating..