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HR SF EC to ERP HCM data replication at go-live & FTSD

EC integration guide explains FTSD as the date EC becomes the system of record and SAP HCM becomes the slave system. This is true when an existing SAP HCM client goes live on SF-EC for HR master data and retains SAP for Time and Payroll.

Question is, how does FTSD affect for a net new implementation in the following scenario? Myuderstanding is that EC data conversion splits the job history record at go-live and load as 2 sets of records. Changes to the record starting from go-live will be replicated to SAP HCM making use of the FTSD=golive date. If my go-lives of different payroll areas is at different dates, how do we set the FTSD? For one set of employees I would like the replication to start lets say April 01 but for the rest of them it is May 01.

Thank you for your replies...

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4 Answers

  • Jan 20, 2017 at 09:05 PM

    Your understanding is correct, So if i understand correctly you are planning a phased Go live for different sets of employees

    Ideally we want to advise only one FTSD i.e. would be the GO live date and only from this date data would be sent to HCM system not before it, the guide explains it also

    if you multiple FTSd, then you have to load historical, then.

    also there was a property also, for master data, but ideally its easier to maintain one FTSD.

    1. For PA_SE_IN, this is the mentioned PAOCFEC_PN_FTSD

    2. For EA-HR it is HRSFEC_PN_FTSD.

    This will overwrite the FTSD sent from Boomi.

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    • Former Member

      Thank you Siddharth,

      If the recommendation is to maintain one FTSD, then I have to set it as April 01 for all employees in my case. Here is my reasoning.

      My Employee central go-live will be on April 01. I will migrate employees belonging to all payroll areas to EC with the history records ending on March 31 and current records starting on April 01. Let the EC replication push all data to SAP so that both systems are in sync. Then set FTSD = April 01.

      Payroll area 01 will go-live on April 01. ERA for payroll area is set to April 01. Any changes on or after April 01 for payroll area will be replicated and relevant for payroll

      On May 01, when payroll area 02 goes live, changes between April 01 and May 01 for payroll area 02 is not relevant for this payroll but they will be replicated. But I hope if I set ERA for the payroll area 02 = May 01, the replication task will fail for those employees and that's a correct behavior.

      Attached is a timeline for clarification. Does it work as explained?

      Thank you for confirming the scenario.

      ec-sap-go-live.jpg (19.9 kB)
  • Jan 25, 2017 at 10:54 PM

    i didnt understand why replication will fail? as you have only one FTSD for later date employees? only part is retro, if we can avoid that, we are good with your approach.

    I had a similar scenario, let me explain

    Issue : Using one FTSD date

    1. Their US employees are going to be live on 2016/03/01, full transmission date being set at the same date for both master data and OM data integration

    2. Their CA employees are going to be live on 2016/06/01, and historical data between 2016/03/01 and 2016/06/01 for these employees will not be loaded to EC to avoid unnecessary retros. Full transmission date will not be touched.

    Our concern is that when the CA employees are replicated back to SAP, any data created/modified between 2016/03/01 and 2016/06/01 in SAP will be blown away as EC does not have these data. If we keep the full transmission date untouched, then it means we have to load historical data for employees included in the second go-live. When these historical data are replicated back to SAP, it will then trigger retros that we definitely want to avoid.

    Recommendation :

    We recommend customer to use one FTSD date. It’s just a cutoff date for which no prior data would be replicated to SAP HCM system, It doesn’t dictate that all historical data should be loaded too in EC before the actual Go Live date of the employees

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    Apr 20, 2017 at 11:38 AM

    I have a follow-up question regarding FTSD. The OM flow will need historical data as from FTSD, at least this is what we are facing.

    So if there is a time-gap for the employee/manager the relationships will not be created.

    Error message: For employee 22222222: manager 3333 is not found. If you check the master data and the mapping table the manager has a shorter period than the employee. The result is: No OM relationships.

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  • Apr 20, 2017 at 05:43 PM

    you would be delimiting the relationship and then transferring the data? Need to check the scenario where it goes wrong

    did you first replicate Master data or Org data?

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