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Jun 12, 2014 at 06:27 AM

Re: Backup strategy for Sybase ASE


The is not available


ASE 15.7

I tried a cross-platform dump and load after running sp_flushstats , checkpoint on the source database,

while loading on the destination server Il get the error 'database not quiesced , run sp_flushstats'


>quiesce database hold_sct hold sctdb for external dump to "/dbdumps/sctdb/sctdb.gtlmain.20140612.dmp"


This did not work dump did not take place : Message in the log indicated quiesce completed successfully

Process 208 successfully executed QUIESCE DATABASE with HOLD option for tag hold_sct. Processes trying to issue IO operation on the quiesced database(s) will be suspended until user executes Quiesce Database command with RELEASE option.

I tried breaking up the command

1. quiesce database hold_sct hold sctdb for external dump

2. dump database sctdb to "/dbdumps/sctdb/sctdb.gtlmain.20140612.dmp"

this message is displayed

QUIESCE DATABASE is in progress on database sctdb. After it completes, this dump will resume automatically.

dump database command is locked by the quiesce command ,

Does this take a long time (DB size is only 3GB)

Quick solution really appreciated


Lakshmi Reddy