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Nov 29, 2005 at 03:46 PM

Upload Routings - LSMW


Ok experts, really need you help with this one. I'm upload routings via direct input program RCPTRA02 in LSMW. I need to attach an object dependecy to the operation. I think that I have all the field values that I need, but it does not update when the routings is created. Everthing else is there except for the assigned object dependency. Anyone have any clue what I'm missing here? I implemented a note that I thought would help, but it didn't. Really need some help with this one....

Here is a look at my LSMW structure that I'm using for the assignment of dependencies.

RCUOB1_DS                      Assignment of dependencies in DIRECT INPUT (datasets)                                                                                
5  Fields                                                                                
ACTTYP                       Processing type for objects to be imported                                               
                            Rule :   Constant                                                                                
Coding:  RCUOB1_DS-ACTTYP = 'H'.                                                                  
        OBJ                          Data objects of a task list                                                                                
Rule :   Constant                                                                                
Coding:  RCUOB1_DS-OBJ = 'O'.                                                                     
        PLNAL                        Group counter                                                                                
Rule :   Constant                                                                                
Coding:  RCUOB1_DS-PLNAL = '01'.                                                                  
        PLNFL                        Sequence                                                                                
Rule :   Constant                                                                                
Coding:  RCUOB1_DS-PLNFL = '000000'.                                                              
        VORNR                        Operation/Activity Number                                                                                
Source:  ROUTINGSD-OPERATION (operation)                                                                                
Rule :   Transfer (MOVE)                                                                                
Coding:  RCUOB1_DS-VORNR = ROUTINGSD-OPERATION.                                                   
        VORKN                        Node number (batch input)                                                                
        UVORN                        Operation/Activity Number                                                                                
Rule :   Constant                                                                                
Coding:  RCUOB1_DS-UVORN = ''.                                                                    
        UVOKN                        Node number (batch input)                                                                
        PSNFH                        Item number of the production resource/tool (batch input)                                
        PZLFH                        Counter for production resource/tool items (batch input)                                 
        KN_AL_FROM                   Character field length = 10                                                              
        KN_AL_TO                     Character field length = 10                                                                                
5  RCUOB2_DS                      API structure for dependency assignments (for datasets)                                                                                
5  Fields                                                                                
KNNAM                        Name of dependency                                                                                
Source:  ROUTINGSD-OBJDEP (Object Dependency)                                                                                
Rule :   Transfer (MOVE)                                                                                
Coding:  RCUOB2_DS-KNNAM = ROUTINGSD-OBJDEP.                                                  
            XKNNAM                       Name of dependency                                                                                
Source:  ROUTINGSD-OBJDEP (Object Dependency)                                                                                
Rule :   Transfer (MOVE)                                                                                
Coding:  RCUOB2_DS-XKNNAM = ROUTINGSD-OBJDEP.                                                 
            KNSRT                        Counter for sorting object assignments (Batch-Input)                                 
            LKENZ                        Deletion indicator                                                                                


Rich Heilman