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Jan 20, 2017 at 08:33 PM

How to find the ABAP project in SEGW related to a FIORI application


How can I know the ABAP project (from SEGW) for one of the standard FIORI app: Approve Purchase Contracts

I checked below link in SDN and could find the UI5 component, OData service linked to this FIORI app but finding it difficult to get to the ABAP component. In the below link it says back-end component is SRA001 600 (0008 ) but that I don’t think this is the application name but a component name which in turn might have several other applications.

So when someone starts customizing the Time applications, can I know what approach one should follow to get to the ABAP project which one needsto change ?¤t_toc=/en/c5/5690533e73cc26e10000000a4450e5/plain.htm&node_id=14