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Jun 11, 2014 at 06:49 PM

MARKED CELL Macro Function ?


Dear Experts,

On the lines of MARKED COLUMN and MARKED ROW, is there something for MARKED CELL in Macros? I seem to need it for a not so fancy... in fact a decent simple requirement. I looked in the function library but can't find one that sounds like MARKED CELL.

The original requirement is this

I enter x in a cell C1, C2, C3,... C10

If C1/C11 is > y, then alert.

If C2/C11 is > y, then alert


if C10/C11 is > y, then alert

If I dont use any "advanced" functions like MARKED COLUMNS , the alerts pop up repeatedly every cell each time which means from C1 to C10, I will see the pop up 55 times on consecutive entry of values from C1 to C10, if the condition is met in all cells. while I only need this alert 10 times for 10 cells.

But Marked column is painful for the end user.who is expected to be only scared with the pop up that must happen when he/she enters a value and that should happen only once per entry.

Any other creative way to do it, please suggest.