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Jun 11, 2014 at 10:15 AM

erro in pp order archiving


hi sap experts.

i have some problem in co078(archiving for production orders).

think i want to archive oder number 3-P90B3028 .

i go to this transaction , i set deletion flag before in co02 for this order.

select archiving and then enter the name of variant and maintain it,after that in order enter my order no and save my variant , in maintain start time,select immediate and in spool params select adobe pdf.

but ,whwn i execute it, the system show this error : "JOB OF TYPE SUN CAN NOT BE SCHEDULED".

if i dont set deletion flag and want to do it like above in co78,i have the same message.

but when execute PPARCHP1 ,i dont have this error there, and the program do the job.

whats the problem?

i search in scn and see this link :

in this link it says about 'Residence Time'

where i can customise this time?

can anybody help me?

im new in sap and need your helps. 😊