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Nov 29, 2005 at 01:06 PM

Flat file Extraction


Hi friends

i have issue where . we need to load 120 sites pos data through flat files to cube every day . pos will send us different files for different stores . which are palced in the application server in a specific folder my problem and question s are. there a way that we can schedule the job in such a way that once the flat file for one site is done it has to automatically access second file , third file etc untill all files are fininshed.

2. there is condition we need to check before loading each file that the file is not duplicted when itis loaded .

3. is there any way that we can schedule that once the file which is been loaded in bw is delted automatically deleted from application servfer and stored in different folder for backup .so that there will be no duplicates files.

these are my issues . hope u all will help me with this issue . thanks for your time in advance .all answers are appericiated and rewarded. thankyou