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Nov 29, 2005 at 12:44 PM

See Data from ALL Data Packets in Start Routine?



For each load of new delta data into my ODS I need to run logic to look up existing values in the ODS and do some things accordingly...

This is fine in principal and I can create a Start Routine on the Update Rules and do the lookup etc etc...

HOWEVER - If the load happens to be broken into multiple data packets then the data I am making decisions on (for instance all items of an order) could be split across these packets e.g. Order1 item1 in packet 1 and order2 item2 in packet 2.

Beacuse the Start Routine operates once PER packet -- is there a way to get visibility into the other packets or the complete PSA load or is there there another way around this i.e. buffering the content of each packet and in the 'final' packet's start routine, do my logic?

I know this comes up quite a bit, but I have seen nothing that suggests a way around this so far. Basically I need a way of doing a truly global start routine on the complete data being uploaded BEFORE it gets into the ODS.

Thanks for any help!