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Jun 11, 2014 at 08:01 AM

Vendor name not showing correctly in TDS GL line item display fbl3n


Hi Gurus,

I am facing an issue in regards to TDS. As you know that normally we make a cheque payment to a vendor, we issue one cheque for one vendor.

But my client follows a slightly different practice. Suppose they have to pay an amount of 30000 to three vendor A B C equally 10000 each. They right a self cheque to the SBI bank and also send them the list of these 3 vendors who are also having their account in the same bank. They instruct the bank to take money from their account and then credit in the respective vendors account.

Now the transaction goes like this:

Vendor A 10000

Vendor B 10000

Vendor C 10000

To Bank 29700

To TDS on A 100

To TDS on B 100

To TDS on C 100

Now when the user will go to FBL3N and check the TDS GL 100020196 and see the line items it should show like as per the client:

Vendor A 100

Vendor B 100

Vendor C 100

But it shows the below result:

Vendor A 100

Vendor A 100 ( should be vendor B)

Vendor A 100 (should be vendor C)

I believe that is the standard behavior of the system to show the vendor line. They do not want to change the way of their posting and their concern is if it shows like the same at the time of return filing how will know vendor wise tds.

Now either I need to resolve this situation in FBL3N or give them a report which should give them Vendor wise TDS information for the TDS filing.

J1INMIS report is there but it shows only the TDS and the vendor number, it does not give the vendor name. I either want a solution of this issue in FBL3N or a report which shows vendor wise TDS with vendor number and name. Please let me know if there is a solution to this issue.

Kindly consider this very urgent. I am attaching the relevant screenshots.




tds issue.png (346.8 kB)