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Jun 11, 2014 at 03:51 AM

Blank positions views in org unit hierarchy


Nakisa version: OrgChart 4.1

Hi all,

I wanted to replace in views pos_standard and pos_portrait the position name by the position short. To achieve this, I made the template field named 'Position' point to Data element field POSITION_SHORT, instead of POSITION_NAME (out of the box setup) in both view templates. This method displays in view pos_standard the position short name instead of the long name (which is the intended result), but in view pos_portrait the content becomes blank (see screenshot).

Even stranger, when I revert the pos_portrait view back to its original setup (Position template field pointing to POSITION_NAME), the view stays blank!

There is no meaningful trace in the error log that could help me investigate this.

Is this something you have seen before?

Thanks for your help.



Capture.JPG (13.4 kB)