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Jun 10, 2014 at 09:26 PM

SWPM error on 'chmod' against ORACLE network/admin


Currently installing a vanilla SAP 7.40 HA system on Linux

During Database installation the SWPM software throws up several errors on permissions

the first couple are simple to fix - just chmod on the relevant directories to open up perms

However then it errors when running "chmod" on the ORACLE network/admin directory. I can manually chmod this whole tree (i.e. chmod -R) to 777 perms, but this makes no difference, the errors recurs.

Anyone seen similar? I've heard people mention FS mount options but as I can write and chmod it manually I can't see how this could be the issue.

Example error:

syuxcnode.cpp: 165: CSyNodeImpl::internalSetACL(PSyACLInt) syuxcnode.cpp: 188: CSyNodeImpl::setNativeACL(const NativeSecurityDesc_t &amp; sd, ISyErrorHandler * pErrorHandler) const . Unable to set access rights of /oracle/<SID>/11203/network/admin. .</message>