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Jun 10, 2014 at 07:26 PM

Using Hierarchy levels in Webi charts and tables



I am building a webi report that incorporates our HR employee structure.

The Webi report is told to bring data for 'Level 1 and 2' of the hierarchy for the employee ID requesting the data.


Employee A

Employee A1

Emp A1a

Emp A1b

Employee B1

Emp B1a

Emp b1b

If report runs for A, then return A, A1, B1.

If reports runs for A1, then return A1, A1a, A1b


If I use the hiearchy in the Table of results for A1.. I can get everything looking nice. However, If I then run for A, I get one line in the table...A's data.

No hiearchy present i the table. Sometimes the table is blank.

Same is true if running for B1.

We are running the initial 4.0 SP4 build. Has any one seen this? know if its corrected in later builds?