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Former Member
Jun 10, 2014 at 06:57 PM

Journal reconciliation with zero amount created


During a Manual Internal Reconciliation of the WIP GL account the user received the following system message 'Automatic Reconciliation Difference Account is not defined'. I told him to go Define the Automatic Reconciliation Diff within the GL account determination and he was then able to add the reconciliation. However, not sure why he had to define that GL Account as the reconciliation was balanced and the JE that was created had an amount of 0 under both the local and system currencies. The remarks field of this journal entry (JR) was populated with the follow 'Historic deferred tax-related reconciliations cann'.

Does anyone know why this journal entry was even created as the value was 0 for all currencies? Any documentation I have found referring to deferred tax does not relate to the Canadian localization so again why was it necessary for SAP to create this journal entry, and why that remark?