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Former Member
Jun 10, 2014 at 04:52 PM

FIM SP10 and Tomcat7



so FIM SP10 at last support Tomcat 7. But how do you install it on tomcat7?

Until now, Tomcat6 was the only one supported so when launching the SP10 msp, it update this version.

I tried to deploy the sp9 war file in Tomcat7 (everything works fine) but when updating, the tomcat6 version is updated. If I uninstall tomcat6, I have an install error from the SP10 msp.

So my understanding is that I have to install FIM update it to SP10 in Tomcat6 then deploy the war file in Tomcat7. Any other way around that?

Is it the new install procedure untis FIM v11?

It would be great if the install note mentionned those steps.