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Jun 10, 2014 at 01:59 PM

Multiple files from same source directory


HI ,

I want to select multiple files from same source directory. using Advance selection for source file we can same source directory and specify other files .Is it the correct way or using option addition files we can achieve this ?

CC parameters:

Eg: I want to send abc1.dtd,abc2.dtd,abc3.DTD,abc4.dtd files from same source directory

source directory : /source

file name : abc1.dtd

under advance selection for source file :

Directory FilenameMask

/source abc2.dtd

/source abc3.DTD

/source abc4.dtd

is it the way to process all 4 files from source directory?

i cant put abc*.dat as other files also will be there in source folder and i want to send these 4 files only and if any file named with in these 4 it need to process. please suggest is it the correct way?