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Jun 10, 2014 at 01:28 PM

Use e-SOA and PI from SRM



We are using PI to allow services between SRM and SUS, but this PI is installed outside the firewall but in the DMZ for security reasons and therefor cannot be used internally .

Now we need to allow services between SRM and ECC, but don't want to install another PI machine and therefor looking into the option of using e-SOA.

We are on SRM 7.01 and ECC6 EHP6.

The PI is used for the bidding process outside the firewall, and now we need to allow contract creation in ECC directly from the awarded bid response (not using the central contract in SRM, at least not for now).

Can anyone share some information on whether it is possible to implement this scenario?

Any configuration steps to achieve this scenario will be highly appreciated.