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Jun 10, 2014 at 12:05 PM



Hi folks,

I try to do an initial load on the country master to sync systems but the load remains waiting in r3am1 with info "No processes, see note 429423". This has been discussed here and in SAP notes as well.

Now, with regular monitoring tools I fail to identify any processes running and exceeding the total number set in MAX_PARALLEL_PROCESSES (default 5).

Especially, when I look into transaction R3AR3 I do not see any process running. But when I check table SMOFRSTAT I find 5 records with status 'R'.

I guess those entries, while not shown in R3AR3, are responsible for the excess of 'processes'.

Does someone of you maybe have an idea how such bad records get into the system and if there's a standard way to visualize and later get rid of them?

(Or maybe, that my assumption is wrong at all?).

cheers, anton