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Jun 10, 2014 at 11:13 AM

How to Use RFC in RPG (AS400)


Hi all,

we are setting up a SAP System and want to establish a RFC connection to a non SAP-System "AS400 (RPG)".

Therefor we installed the "NW RFCSDK 720" on the AS400.

So far so good but now we dont know how to use the NW RFCSDK.

I didnt find any example thats up to date due to the new "NW RFCSDK 720" dont have a LIBRFC.

after we installed the NW RFCSDK we got a R3710NRRFC Library including following Objects

LIBINFO_MT*PGMCPPLE04/25/14 21:00:48, ILE version 0/613RFCEXEC*PGMCPPLE04/28/14 19:53:09, ILE version 0/613STARTRFC*PGMCPPLE04/28/14 19:52:43, ILE version 0/613CPICTLIB*SRVPGMILE version 0/613LIBICUDECN*SRVPGMCLEILE version 0/613LIBSAPNRFC*SRVPGM04/28/14 19:46:21, ILE version 0/613C*FILEPF-SRCILE version 0/613H*FILEPF-SRCILE version 0/613NWRFC_X*DTAARASAP Context NWRFC_X

but i was more expecting Funktions like these:




Points to an error control program


Establishes a conversation


Points to an RFC-definition, server program


Invokes a server program


Receives data from ABAP program


Sends data from ABAP program


Closes conversation

Though i wonder how to use the RFC-Statments within an RPG Programm...

I have to tell im an ABAP-developer but our RPG-developer is also clueless...

I got following questions:

-where can i find the RFC-Funktions? In the R3710NRRFC-Library?

-how to use the RFC-Funktions within an RPG-Code (there are some expamles out there... but non of them seems to fit to NW RFCSDK Version 7.20 because no LIBRFC) (we got the EBCDIC-ILE-Version installed)

kind regards

Stefan Seeburger