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Jun 10, 2014 at 09:17 AM

using ME59 and report for difference amount


Hi Experts,

We have a business issue as follows:

we have one trading plant and one manufacturing plant and one vendor to supply raw mateials tray A and tray B. Sytem is made like APO is runing in manufacturing plant and ECC MRP running in trading plant at the same time from monday to thursday 10 P.M. once the MRP runs in trading plant and manufacturing plant a sub contract order will get create to manufacturing plant to manufacture the final product VIA SUB CONTRACTING ORDER.. The MRP runs at 10.30 in both trading and manufacturing plant it takes 4 hours time...we proposed to use ME59 for processing automatic PR generations in back ground after completion of MRP run. Please can we suggest to run in ME59 in background? or is there any other options?or is it possible run my user ?

Issue 2: Report preperations for difference of orders

The orders are coming from different countries like...US, Austraila, and Europe to trading plant it will creates a lot size for the vendor who supply raw materials...if the lot is 6000... trading plant recieves 8000 orders so there is a difference of 2000 .. lot size is limited to 6000 so they are maintaing it in excel sheet presently they want to maintain it in report...please suggest how we can solve this difference? . this automation should be done between vendor and manufacturing plant.

Please kidnly support..

Thanks in Advance