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Jun 10, 2014 at 07:39 AM

Altteilesteuer: Used parts special tax invoicing in Germany (MM-FI integration)



We have a situation wherein, the user wants to post an invoice with a special tax called Altteilesteuer (tax on used parts) which is specific to Automobile Industry and is 19%. Here is an example:

1 replacement engine 8000.00 EUR

Total Invoice amount 9672.00 EUR

VAT 19% (on 8000 EUR) 1520.00 EUR

Sales Tax 19% (on 800 EUR)

(10% of used part replacement engine 152.00 EUR

i.e. 8000 *10% = 800 EUR

Total Tax 1672 EUR

Can anyone please help how can this be configured in one MIRO invoice wherein MM-FI integration is in place.