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Former Member
Jun 10, 2014 at 06:32 AM

Best Practices Baseline Package (Estonia) installation problems.


I have a problem activating baseline package solution in transaction /n/smb/bbi.

There is an error in building block 102->Bank Accounting->IMPORT AND ASSIGN REPORTING VARIANTS->/SMBEE/SE38/O050_N70.

Looking at eCATT logs in t-code SECATT, I see 4 errors.

Each error pops up because a payment medium format is missing.

"EBFIBL02601 Payment medium format EE-HANSA-D is not defined." VAR01

"EBFIBL02601 Payment medium format EE-HANSA-D is not defined." VAR02

"EBFIBL02601 Payment medium format EE-SEB-M4 is not defined." VAR03

"EBFIBL02601 Payment medium format EE-HANSA-F is not defined." VAR04

What could be the problem. I understood that baseline package contains all information it needs. Should I create these missing format trees?