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Jun 09, 2014 at 06:41 PM

Populating Fire Fighter ID Descriptions in User Request Search Screen (FF ID)


Thought I would share this as I just recieved the note that fixes it and I have seen a couple of questions on it as an issue for their End Users. I applied it in our PRD environment and it worked like a charm.

1947101 - How can the Firefighter ID/ Role description be
maintained or updated for those FF Objects that do not have a description


While creating a Firefighter ID/ Role Request, the
Firefighter Object (ID/Role) search does not return a description or the
description field is blank. So where can this description field be maintained?


Access Control 10.0

Emergency Access Management

Access Request Administration

Reproducing the Issue

Create an Access Request for Request Type: 'Emergency User

Search for a Firefighter ID/role

The returned FF Objects do not have a description


Execute the Program GRAC_EAM_MAINTAIN_FFOBJ_DESCR in SE38.

Manually enter the FF Object (firefighter ID/Role) which
does not have the description mainatined.

Manually enter the Connector ID.

Click on Execute.

In th next screen, manually enter the description for each
of the affected FF Objects and click on the Save button for each of the

This should update the FF Object description in all the
relevant FF Tables.

  1. P.S. If this program is not available in your system, please
    implement the SAP Note 1793691 or upgrade to Support Pack 11 or higher. Please
    also check the related notes here if you face any issue with this program.