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Jun 09, 2014 at 05:38 PM

Is it possible to combine multiple Pur Reqs for multiple materials to one vendor into one PO through MD07?


We have material planners who use MD07 (traffic signal screen) Stock/Requirements List, Collective Access tab to review material requirements by MRP Controller. Once the list is created, they select individual materials and review them in MD04. In a lot of cases, Purchase Reqs (PRs) are reviewed and adopted into POs individually for each material. Sometimes they will combine multiple PRs for one material into one PO. This is a good practice. However, from what I have found, it is not possible to combine multiple PRs for multiple materials into one PO. If this was done it would dramatically reduce the number of POs that we are issuing to suppliers. Problem statement: We issue too many POs which causes additional influxes down the line (receiving dock/goods receipts processing, receiving issues, invoices, invoice issues, etc.). Does anyone know of a way to address this problem without a major overhaul in approach or customization of the system? Thank you in advance!