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Jun 09, 2014 at 01:07 PM

SCU3 Activity 02 on S_TABU_DIS Auth Group SA?



We recently moved from EHP5 to EHP7 and an additional check is done when using transaction SCU3 for S_TABU_DIS / Group SA / Activity 02.

We have 2 Z tables maintained by our data team; 2 Z transactions allows for the table maintenance via SM30; both tables have been associated to a Z authorisation group.

Since EHP7 has been implemented we can no longer view the log on these tables.

SU53 and traces are listing the need for S_TABU_DIS Activity 02 for the SA Auth group; that group is created by SAP and covers quite a few other tables; I have tried to limit the access to the log table DBTABLOG via S_TABU_NAM but it is still not working.

I can't understand why activity 02 should be required at all in that scenario and can't find any related OSS Note.

Has anyone come accross a similar issue. I am not sure why a change activity shoudl be required when I only want to display the change log.

thank you