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Jun 09, 2014 at 12:52 PM

Access using a 'ZERO' object reference is not possible.



I am using work manager Syclo version 5.3, I have customise it.

Everything is working ok except a small error.

there are two users both have the same access rights and using Agentry client to create notifications from Agentry. User A is able to create Notification but User B is getting the following error message.

5804, com.syclo.agentry.BusinessLogicException: NotificationPostSteplet - Access using a 'ZERO' object reference is not possible.

As per my understanding this kind of error is poped up if some properties are missing and out of synch with SAP, but it is confusing as it is working fine for one user but not for the other. In past I had similar issue and after trying transmit it went ok.


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