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Jun 09, 2014 at 11:42 AM

Derivation Rules Not Working for other company codes



I have 5 Company codes and only for one FM was activated. now i want to activate FM for all 5 company codes. for which i have assigned the FM area to all 5 company codes. I have also assigned the derivation strategy to all 5 company codes as well. now when i post a transaction for any other company code derivation rules is not being process hence no commitment item or fund center is derived. however for the original company code for which FM was activated in the first derivation rule are working fine means system is deriving commitment item and fund center. can any one tell me why derivation rules are not working for other company codes? do i have to add Company code in source field of derivation strategy? could this be the reason? because in beginning there was no other company code so we did not included any company code field in the first place.