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Jun 09, 2014 at 09:50 AM

Idoc Testing for Bulk Storage Strategy


Dear Expert,

I have some problem with our design interface WMS with external system.

Our product has maintained batch and SUT. In interface we have using idoc to data communication. The design , we using Bulk Storage putaway strategy, so we can send TO/Idoc just total quantity from DO without SUT Number and batch, next the external system will picked up material and send the SUT Number and batch to confirm TO.

The problem is in manual confirmation we use tcode LT12 and able to entry the SUT Number. But i can't find any testing program data inbound idoc like RLTOCO10. I found some FM Like L_TO_CONFIRM* , but still doesn't work.

There is similar program like RLTOCO10 but able to entry SUT Number, or BAPI or FM to confirm TO with entry SUT Number?

Pls Help,