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Former Member
Jun 09, 2014 at 08:52 AM

Movement allowed in Reservation not tick after cancellation


Hi there,

We have a material reservation automatically created in our service module. We posted a goods issue in these materials (2 materials) 261 based in reservation and it was successful.


Material document line item 1

Material document line item 2

However, one of the items needs to be return to stock as it was not needed anymore, hence we do the cancellation of the earlier material document as per normal cancellation.

But I realized, after the cancellation, the result was the first material was successfully cancelled but the 2nd line was not. It created another manual 262 which was not referred to the reservation. So the earlier 261 for reservation line item 2 was not cancelled at all.

When I further checked, the movement allowed box for the reservation line item 2 was not there and completely gone, which was a bit weird because earlier during goods issue we were allowed to post into it.

Now I am trying to activate again the movement allowed box but I cannot edit the reservation itself via MB22 because the reservation was not created manually, it was created auto from service order.

Anyway I can proceed in cancelling the 2nd line based from reservation? Any program or way to activate the movement allowed box in the reservation?

Thank you in advance.