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Jun 08, 2014 at 03:11 PM

Document on Updating IT2006 without running Time Evaluation


Hi All,

Document on generation of absence quote without running Time Evaluation.

Hope this helps someone further.

Generating Quota without Time Evaluation. (Updating IT2006 with running rptqta00)

Step:1 Create Absence Quota

Step:2 Determine Entry Screen and Time constraints

Step:3 Define Absence Quota Type

Step: 4 Permit Quota generation without time evaluation

Step: 5 Base Entitlement

Step: 6 Determine Validity and Deduction Period

  1. Step: 8 SM30 : Table V_T559LàValidity Period for Default Values

Step: 9 Selection Rule

Step: 10 Define Deduction Rules for Absence and Attendance Quota

Step: 11 Define Counting Rules

Step: 12 Assign Counting rule to absence

Step: 13 Maintain IT2006 in Infogroup

Output: Run PA40 hiring Action –where it will dynamically trigger IT2006 and update automatically.

Three Steps to be maintained to update IT2006 without time evaluation

  1. Permit quota generation should be selected as no generation .
  2. Validity period for default values.
  3. Maintain IT 2006 in Infogroup.




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