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Jun 08, 2014 at 03:41 PM

Sales order driven PO but a non third party scenario


Hello All,

Trying to work through a scenario which is as follows:

We are doing a VMI like scenario. Customer sends requirements and a legacy planning system sends the PO to ECC which sends it to the supplier on behalf of the customer. However unlike a true VMI where the product directly goes to the customer's warehouse, it comes to our warehouse we accept possession into our inventory and then ship it back to the customer (Sometimes it a cross dock -does not come into our warehouse and sometimes its same way shipping -receive in morning, putaway and then ship in night). We are invoiced for the product and we pay the supplier and then bill the customer for this. So, it seems to involve Sales order, billing and also purchase order and invoicing. However its not a third party process where there is a statistical GR. I am thinking the process should be as follows

1. Sales order and delivery created in ECC

2. Trigger a PO based on step 1 and send to vendor in ECC

3. Receive ASN from supplier in ECC and send it to WM system.

4. Receive the product in WM and complete GR for the PO in ECC

5. When the GI is done to ship to customer's warehouse then do the PGI for sales order in ECC

6. Create Billing document in ECC.

Seems fairly straight forward but here are a couple of hitches

1. How do I maintain relationship between SO and PO because its not a third party order

2. Can this process be enabled through just config and not use customization (Like triggering a BADI to create a PO after Delivery creation -step 2 above)

I am not very familiar with SD, is there a custom config that I can do to link the sales order and PO through an item category like a third party order but also have the ability to post GR to my inventory?