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Jun 07, 2014 at 10:14 AM

SAP PI - SAP AII Integration: PML File integration issue


Hi all,

For a specific requirement, we have designed the interface as below

Interface Requirement - Legacy application will send a huge size PML file.

SAP PI has to split the file and send each splitted chunk to SAP Auto-ID applicaiton.

Legacy Application(PML File) -->(File Adapter)-->SAP PI(AEX)-->(SOAP XI3.0)-->SAP Auto-ID(AII)

We are able to pick the huge file(60-70 MB) and split it in PI.

While the messages are getting posted to SAP Auto-ID, the transactions are getting locked in SAP-AII SLG1 Tcode.

At SAP Auto-ID, ABAP proxy is receiving the message from PI and internally it is invoking a HTTP service in SAP AII engine to update the records.

The error desc in SLG1 says -

Physical object (01)05000456952071(21)1000000000000000xxxx currently is locked by another process

The PML file contains data for a single pallet and the associated Cases and Items and all this data is coming under the <observation> and <tag> segment of the PML file.

Did anyone encounter this issue while integration SAP PI with SAP Auto-ID system .

Is there any way we can get this issue resolved from PI end.

Thanks in advance.