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Jun 07, 2014 at 06:05 AM

F110 Check Printing Problem


Hi everyone,

I've been reading in the discussion forums and I couldn't find a solution to this problem. How come, after pressing the "Printout" button in F110, after payment run, and checking the "Start Immediately" checkbox, the checks aren't printed at once? I have to go to SP01 and manually select the job and print it from there. Either that or I execute the print program (RFFOUS_C) from SE38 and select the print variant that I specified in F110.

With this setup we will have to either grant the client access to SP01 or assign a TCode for RFFOUS_C and give access to the team that will be printing the actual checks. Granting SP01 for the client might be risky because the user will have access to other print jobs not related to his/her role. Problem with assigning a TCode for the print program is that we will need to find a way in which the user won't be able to select another variant other than the one used in the payment run. We created a variant where the void checks option is hidden and protected. We would like for the user who will be printing the check to only use that variant as much as possible.

Additional notes. In the print variant that I define in F110 (for RFFOUS_C), the printer is set to "LOCL" and I checked the "Print Immediately" check box. Also my user profile's default is set to "Print Immediately".

Hope anyone can help. Thank you in advance.