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Jun 06, 2014 at 10:55 PM

MII OData services support all standard OData query operations


Hello Friends,

I have a question regarding OData services in SAP MII. I see that OData services are enabled for query templates in the newer version of SAP MII i.e., from SAP MII 14.0 SP02. I started to explore a little on it, I was able to execute the services mentioned in the below help document, but unable to execute all the operations like top, select, filter or any other.

OData - SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence - SAP Library

So, I would like to understand whether there is only a limited support for the OData in SAP MII or am I doing anything wrong. Here are some queries where I was able to execute them succesfully:

http://server:port/XMII/IlluminatorOData/Rowset(QueryTemplate='Queryfolder path',RowsetID=1)/Row

http://server:port/XMII/IlluminatorOData/Rowset(QueryTemplate='Queryfolder path',RowsetId=1)/Column


Can you please help me understand a little on why top, fetch, select are not working?


Adithya K