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Jun 06, 2014 at 11:41 PM

Calculated variable throwing #MULTIVALUE error


I have data of employees entering time by day and time can be billable and non-billable.

I want to show a column chart where I show the number of employees categorized as per following buckets based on their NB%

"75% and Above", "50-75%" and "0-50%"

To achieve this I created a variable (measure) first that calculates the NB% and then created another variable called NB Group which basically is a set of If, ElseIf conditions that check NB% and assign value as "75% and Above", "50-75%" and "0-50%".

When I create a report with columns employee, NB% and NB Group, the NB Group value shows up fine. However when I just pull NB Group into a blank report I am getting #MULTIVALUE error.

I was expecting to see a distinct list of all the NB Groups just like it would for any other dimension and then wanted to add a new column with count of employees and convert that into a chart.

What am i doing wrong? Is there another approach I should follow?