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Jun 06, 2014 at 07:11 PM

Dashboard-->QAAWS-->WEBI-->BICS-->Bex(BW) OR Dashboard-->BICS-->BeX(BW)


Hello experts!

I read a lot of information, but I cannot make my mind. We have our data in BW. We want to create a new dashboard with BO 4.0 SP05 patch 12.

Method #1:

The consultants that are working with us told us to Create a Webi over the Bex and the retreive the Data with QAAWS for the Dashboard.

Method #2:

The other way around is simply connect directly to BW from Dashboard.

As I understand, the only benefits using a Webi report is to schedule it to have a better performance for your Dashboard. Would it be the same if we would access the Bex directly from dashboard if the BeX has just been excuted in BW and still in the cache?

I have started to use BusinessObjects 4.0 in 2012 and did not have the chance to use older version. From what I have read, I am starting thinking there was some limitations in Xcelcius 2008 that forced people to use a Webi report to enhance the performance and features. If this is correct, then is there any reason to still use a Webi report to retreive data from a Bex in 2014?

Do you have any good arguments to not use a direct Bex connection and instead use a Webi Report with a QAAWS?

Also, do you know if there is now a way to publish a Dashboard in BusinessObject Platform if the Dashboard use a direct connection to BW?

Thanks all for your input! 😊