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Jun 06, 2014 at 03:30 PM

DS 4.2 get ECC CDHDR deltas in ABAP data flow using last run log table


I have a DS 4.2 batch job where I'm trying to get ECC CDHDR deltas inside an ABAP data flow. My SQL Server log table has an ECC CDHDR last_run_date_time (e.g. '6/6/2014 10:10:00') where I select it at the start of the DS 4.2 batch job run and then update it to the last run date/time at the end of the DS 4.2 batch job run.

The problem is that CDHDR has the date (UDATE) and time (UTIME) in separate fields and inside an ABAP data flow there are limited DS functions. For example, outside of the ABAP data flow I could use the DS function concat_date_time for UDATE and UTIME so that I could have a where clause of 'concat

_date_time(UDATE, UTIME) > last_run_date_time and concat_date_time(UDATE, UTIME) <= current_run_date_time'. However, inside the ABAP data flow the DS function concat_date_time is not available. Is there some way to concatenate UDATE + UTIME inside an ABAP data flow?

Any help is appreciated.