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Jun 06, 2014 at 03:02 PM

SAP ECC6 Integrated ITS doesn't work correctly



we are migrating our backend syetem from SAP R/3 47x200 ( with a stand alone ITS) (WAS 620) to SAP ECC6 ( with integrated ITS ) ( WAS 720).

After the migration, the ITS transactions doen't work ( except the SAP GUI for HTML).

I tested the service sample (IAC_FLIGHT).

First, I published the ITS service in SE80 and I activated it in SICF ( see sreen shot SICFactivation.jpg)

I receive the strange result in screenshot (resultfromOur MigrateSAPECC6.jpg).

I join too the source code of that strange result (wsti.txt)

To compare, I tested the same transaction on our server PI (7.11),, on which the result is corrected. .

I join the coorect result in screenshot (resultFromOurServerPI.jpg)

Can somebody help me?

may be there is sommething diferent between the 2 server but what?

Kind Regards.

Eric Koralewski