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Jun 06, 2014 at 02:29 PM

Row member auto populate based on a property



I am using EPM10 with support package 13.

I have an EPM Input form using Time and Category on columns, Profit center, Account and Project in row dimensions. Account has to be populated based on project dimension's property. So I display the property of project dimension and used a vlook up to get the corresponding account dimension and then refer that cell into account dimension member to create EPMOlapmember formula using Active member recognition on.

When I do this, the epm report acts inconsistently. When I manually enter Projects,

1. Everytime I have to copy the Account dimension member's EPMOLapMemberO formula referring to the cell where I do account - project property matching. Or the formula even though I copied it earlier it still pointing to wrong cells,

2. The same Profit center, Account, Project row appear more than one time or multiple times.

Also, I am saving Project Start End date to an Account as a signed value. I am using EPMSave for this (couldn't use axis share). How would you do an dynamic format for this ? Right now I am using Excel conditional formatting if Project member is greater than spaces , format the project start, end dates.

Any input will be appreciated.

Thanks everyone.


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