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Jun 06, 2014 at 01:56 PM

How to differentiate a packing type for Finished goods based on which customer will be invoiced ?


I need a little expertise

The requirement for my organization is Certain Finish goods packing.

Currently certain, Finished goods packaging items when send to Customer, is charged for the packaging items like Pallets , Q- Bit Boxes.

There will be a deposit fee which will appear on the customer invoice.

Moving forward they want to eliminate that deposit fee, from the customer invoice for a few of the packaging types.. (For example Pallet we would still charge the customer the same way AS_IS today but for another pack type Q-BIT boxes customer should not be charged as a deposit fee for returing the pack type.)

From Materials management perspective… At the time of order entry how do we differentiate a particular pack type so that for that a particular Pack type customer is not charged anything…

2 options I am thinking is introduce a new characteristics in Classification view for PK type.. Upon entering the order the User exit will check the characteristic in material master and customer invoice won’t be charged for the Packing item if Pack type = Q Bit..

Other one is From the Alternate Unit of Measure translation to Common Unit of measure / Sales Unit of measure.

Which one would you recommend ?

Pls advise.