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Jun 06, 2014 at 01:28 PM

Unable to delete Supersession Chain due to MARA error


Dear All, need some help with an error ocurred.

KU create a new supersession Chain with PIC03. The chain was successfully created, but now they need to delete one of their components.

When user tried to delete it, an error ocurred.

We check in MARA and see that there was a inconsistency between data. One of the material is ON the supersession chain, but has no record on MARA.

Wen tried to delete material number from chain, system informs:

Inconsistency in mat. master: material 73350-TM6-M10 does not belong to an FFF class

How can we delet this material from the FFF class?

Can we go into MARA and complet this field?

Thanks in advance.